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Since 1989, Rolap Industries manufacture lapping machines and lapping equipments widely used by North American companies.

Rolap lapping machines are built to give precision production without maintenance and they are simple to operate.
Every Rolap lapping machines operate with a compound mixer pump that re-circulate the compound for great savings.
Water or oil base compound can be used with different material such as:
Tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, ceramic, cast iron, stainless steel, brass, carbon and other materials.
Rolap Industries developped their lapping machines design so the lapping plates stay flat day by day. Operators produce work instead of doing maintenance.

Replacing the compound batch is a fast and easy process without usual mess.

Choice of models
Rolap-16 .......16" Lapping plate with 3 conditionning rings 6" internal diameter.

Rolap-21 .......21" Lapping plate with 3 conditionning rings 8" internal diameter.

Rolap-28 .......28" Lapping plate with 3 conditionning rings 11-3/8" internal diameter.

Rolap-36 .......36" Lapping plate with 3 conditionning rings 14-1/2" internal diameter.

Rolap-48 .......48" Lapping plate with 3 conditionning rings 22" internal diameter.

Rolap-60 .......60" Lapping plate with 3 conditionning rings 27" internal diameter.

Rolap-72 .......72" Lapping plate with 4 conditionning rings 25-3/4" internal diameter. (Choice of 3 rings model30" id)
We can fabricate lapping machines sized as per your request

Rolap Mixer pump  

Rolap Monochromatic lamp
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